Have you heard about the International Model United Nations conference?🤷

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International MUN brings youth together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds in its Model United Nations conferences and proceed solution to global challenges…


Why Should You Attend IMUN Online Conferences ?
IMUN Online Conference brings you the rigour, knowledge testing and analysis of a real-world IMUN, every week. Participants get to interact with people from all over the world, brush up on their research and inter-personal skills and solve global challenges. All of this, from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of the IMUN conference

  1. Official Certificate recognized by United Nations and Australian Embassy
  2. MUN Training
  3. Broader Network (150 delegates from over 45 countries)
  4. I think it’s an opportunity for you to boost your CV as well🤔
  5. Opening and Closing Ceremony and
  6. Training and study guides….amongst others

Register for this conference via the link below👇

Seats will be limited for this event, so make sure you register now!🔥

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Countless innocent lives are lost every day due to the onslaught of global terrorism. Terrorism does not distinguish between religion, sex or colour of skin. Across Nations and cultures, there is one central tenet that defines terrorist ideologies: they all aim to divide people 💥
Internationally, counterterrorism units have existed since 1880. But counterterrorism operations reached newer heights with the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 ✅
Recent history of ISIS and Boko Haram attacks have shown that terrorism never sleeps 📌And neither can counterterrorism measures. IMUN Online Conference 47.0 looks at practical strategies that can tackle terrorism globally🎯 For only then, will we be able to achieve Mission 2030: No Poverty and Zero Hunger🔥
IMUN also understands that such strategies cannot interfere with individual and democratic freedoms, so it also seeks ways to tackle lack of press freedom ✅
There’s a deeper look into other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) of increased mental health access, gender equality and protection of children ✅
This event is going to be a holistic look at UN-SDGs and address what’s stopping them from being attained 📌
All delegates get certificates recognised by the United Nations and the Australian Embassy. More importantly, they get a platform to voice their opinions on some of the most relevant issues of our time🤩
Join us for a deep discussion of how new strategies can solve old problems and lead to a just and sustainable society 📌.

🔴Dates: March 6th-7th, 2021
⚫ participation fee: 9 USD only

International MUN


To set goals is one thing but to set worthwhile and achievable goals is another, if you must achieve your goals you must consider this five golden principles to setting proper and achievable goals:

1. Set goals that motivate you

What is your motivation?  Find things that motivate you and set your goals around them. We often make a mistake of setting goals randomly without considering our personal interest or passion towards the subject matter; the reality is when you are motivated by your goal you tend to live more happily, be more focused, put in more energy and commitment into achieving those goals and most importantly you have more sense of fulfillment when this goals are achieved…visit this link if you need to discover what is your motivation https://getinspiredtodaycom.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/303/

2. Set SMART goals

The SMART analysis is a tool that can be explored to set more achievable goals, if properly applied it can bring about setting goals that would yield better results.

  • Specific

Specific goals are goals that are targeted at something, clear, certain and unambiguous. It does not give rooms for speculation, it points directly at a particular thing that you seek to achieve. To enable you create more specific goals you can put into consideration what you want to achieve, who is involve and where is this goal to be achieved?

Example: I want to go to school is a vague goal, a more specific goal would be I want to apply and get admission to study Law in Nasarawa State University.

  • Measurable

A measurable goal is that which can be tracked and quantified, how do you know if you are achieving that specific goal or at least making progress? More than setting goals is setting trackable goals so you can know how far you have gone and what more need to be done.

Example: As a blogger if my goal for the year is write more articles on personal development on my blog, a measurable goal will be; I want to write a total of 12 articles on personal development every month, 3 article in a week, to push it further I might even say I want to publish on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday every week; that way I have a very specific and measurable goal.

  • Achievable

Another word for this would be attainable,  you would have to put into consideration your capacity and whether you have what it takes to achieve this goal including the requisite resources; material and otherwise.

Example: building on writing Personal development articles, if am a student at Nasarawa State University, considering the nature of my course and how time consuming it will be, saying I want to write 56 personal development articles in a month and probably 14 articles and 2 per day would certainly not be achievable for me.

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Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say


As I did I became the enemy
a paint to decorate their placards
a mere tag that trends the media
while I told the searched so hard
why a heart that loved so hard
has grown as ice in the winter
trying so hard point out how I triggered
his cowardice and insecurities
like rain their unsolicited accusation
an open grave to lay me in
pointing how I was only worth his object
bruising this heart exhausted of fighting
while my abuser
went as free and as high an eagle
looking beneath as I
sank deep into my self
condemned by the very words
you beckoned I let out
because the held dearly
this cave mentality I died

NB: Domestic violence victims often have to deal with the pain and anquish of abuse and the weight of being blamed for their abuse. Domestic violence has no Justification!!!…

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What Your Mirror Doesn’t Tell You!

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

― John Joseph Powell

The urge to stand across the mirror, to gaze at our reflection is summarily an irresistible urge, it can be compared to the urge to take coffee when directly in front of a coffee shop or may be more, so at one point or the other we are culprit, everyone wants to have a sense of feel of what he or she is or probably looks like and its normal that this feeling resonate with us at every phase of our life; I have also caught myself multiple times in front of a mirror whether at school, home, cars or even on the screen or mirror of passing cars.


The primary universal known purpose of a mirror is to reflect; to give back what is put to it, we look at the mirror because we want to know who we are, but the mirror reflect base on its capacity “The size and clarity of the mirror affect how much of yourself you can see” it only gives back what is put across to it, therefore mirrors are limited reflection of who we are, a mirror has no ability to see through us or what is out of its coverage. While the person you see across the mirror may possibly give you a sense of who you are, that is not truly who you are, yes! that’s is not all that is to who you are.

…..Mirrors are limited reflection of who we are

The mirror also have its perspective as we do, its amazing how a mirror affect our perspective, emotions and confidence, if the mirror posses a picture portraying you as beautiful, you feel beautiful and more confident to walk into any place with head up, standing tall, that way you have a better and more happy day, on the dark side of it is, if it portrays otherwise you turn out feeling less confident and depressed, my point of revelation is this, the mirror itself is not totally honest with us; when you look in a mirror, who do you see? not the person other people see, since our reflection in the mirror is reversed – raise your left hand, and the person in the mirror raises their right hand! From the way we part our hair to the way we smile, our faces are not symmetrical and the image we see looking at us from the mirror is not the face we show to the world – left and right are reversed.

Its sometimes amazing how the mirror tells you with a smile starked on your face you are happy, regardless of how dimmed or cold your heart may be, it tells you with a frown you are sick, angry and unhappy while in reality we are not, so our mirror lie and is not truly the reflection of who we are, there is more mental work especially to be done and much to be unveiled to truly discover who we are.

“The mirror can lie.
Doesn’t show you what’s inside.
And it, it can tell you you’re full of life.
It’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile.”

― Demi Lovato


Aside the idea of a literal mirror, people around us are our human mirror, at one point or the other the try to reflect who we are, whether with our permissions or not, invariably out of curiosity we look up to them to know who we are, base on what they tell us about what we look like or act like. Just like the mirror their feedback or reflections, has the ability to make or mar you or your confidence and general outlook towards yourself and your life, just like the mirror humans or what the say are not always the true reflection of who we are, their reflections are limited and only base on the limited aspect of us the believe to have perceived and the can only see us base on their capacity, just like a small mirror wont be able to reflect beyond probably the face because of its size (capacity) people can’t see us beyond who the are, a negative person is likely to see grossly the negative aspect of your life and vice-versa, interestingly the ugly person would probably see you as beautiful because you are better than he is and the beautiful person would perceive you as ugly because he is probably better than you, if someone meets you mostly happy or with a smile he will certainly define you as a happy person, likewise otherwise, the bottom line is people can only see you base on their perspective and capacity.

“The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty”

― Sophia Nam


It’s popular to hear people say our reality is a mirror reflection but that is not true as  the mirror is not even accurate or direct reflection of what is put accross to it, there is more to us, behind our cold face may be a bright mind, behind our bright smile may be a clouded mind either ways there is more to us than what is been reflected by our society, family, freinds or whatever or whoever we are looking up to, to be self aware and know who we are. We may look at the mirror (literal or human) and see a shattered reality but behind that may be a great future and locked inside where this mirror can’t see might be all the potentials you need to get there, so it’s not healthy to judge ourselves and entire life base on just what this mirrors tells us. While you spend so much time looking at the mirror the mirror itself looks up to you so you are the only one who can define who or what you are.

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Elegy to our Fallen Heroes✊✊in the fight for a better Nigeria.

We will remember their names!

It was past bedtime and she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes blurry but her heart was pained
As she struggled to catch some sleep, the dark thoughts of her country occupied her as she got lost in her chaotic mind….

The divide and rule system is the veil held over their faces for long!
Their unity is the only weapon they have
The flag; their only weapon of defense
the only piece of cloth that screamed their allegiance for a better Nigeria but that was their only offense
Because they refused to be enslaved in their Fatherland, they died…

They looked at their once beautiful flag and it now had patches of red.
It wasn’t from the marauding bandits or the unknown gunmen, it wasn’t from highway kidnappers that have left not even forcemen or the dreaded BokoHaram, no, the new found color was from the blood of unarmed civilians -people whose only crime was demanding the sanctity of human lives

And her country bled and still bleeds
Parents are lost
Families broken
Friendships destroyed
They were not enemies of state,
Yet, they walk into enemy ambush – into the deadly arms of those paid to protect them
There was no love in the heart of the city

They told them the police is their friend but do friends shoot at each other? She wondered
“Order from above”, she heard them say

What kind of a country would kill her very own future?

….they released their wild beasts to feast on country men, to bath them in their own blood, having no one but themselves as their only hope; they rob them of their future, their wealth and now, wouldn’t even let them live
The hope to live gradually eludes them

The Army are known for War, yet on the dilapidated streets of her country, she saw them advance towards the unarmed protesters
Like sheep waiting to be slaughtered, the youths stood their ground.
But they weren’t even at war
Unlike the advancing army whose only strength was Mikhail Kalashnikov’s regretted metal invention, they were armed with moral courage and loyalty to their country. Bravery.

They had no sympathy on their youths because there was never a country for them; it was only themselves and their greed
While men in green crushed countrymen like Ants, the politicians sat with legs crossed to watch them die singing this very song, they sang to power
Their hearts bled for so long and now, Even their bodies bleed

The blood of Nationals spilled, it poured and poured; on the night the disregard for the Rule of Law and sanctity of human lives was laid bare by their government.

But as martyrs for a great future
Their shivering cold lips sang their only defense and cause
“A better Nigeria for all”

As she woke up from her dream, her eyes wet with the stream of sorrows, her cheeks soaked in tears of despair, her heart heavy with grief of her country’s mysterious thirst for blood, she looked around her room in the morning colds as the rays of the sun cut sharply through her Curtains and on her bedside table lay Chinua Achebe’s work…