There is no greater path to liberation than knowledge and no greater slavery than ignorance”

It is only in our knowledge that our ignorance are purged, we must commit to learning on a daily basis, each day we learn it brings us to a new revelation and perspective of life and by that we view life in a broader and more objective perspective.

Knowledge is the food for our mind but sadly while we spend so much time trying to feed our stomach and our body making sure it is nourished we forget to also invest in our mind which is our power house. So the manifestation is while we look so beautiful on the outside our minds is drying up from mal-nutrition and sometimes little life’s winds shakes us off our balance…

What you feed your mind would inevitably determine what you become, how far you can go and how you handle everything day’s situations that confront you.

Feeding your mind or knowledge does not have to come from reading books only, it can also be from the movies you watch, the people you keep as friends and your daily conversation, it can be from what you listen to and what you spend most of your time on.

What are you doing to feed your mind?

Check this out!!  It might be just what you need right now:

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