What is your motivation?

“Just because something is negative doesn’t mean it can’t have a positive impact in your life…”

Motivation is what makes you do something, that is the force that keeps you going. According to Newton’s law of motion it states that

every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.

The key point here is that if there is no force acting on an object then the object remains at rest and If an external force is applied the velocity will change because of the force. Applying the Newton’s law to life now, in the course of living our life there is a force that keeps us pushing be it abstract or concrete,external or internal,which I call motivation. Motivation is very important because it constitute the force that drives us, Imagine a life without a motivation, it will be so stagnant or slow because without a reason to do something, doing that thing will be meaningless and almost impossible.

Your motivation can be a feeling, thought and it can also be a person or what someone said to you…your motivation can be negative or positive. The negative occurrence in our life, like the things that did not work out, failed exams, failed jobs, failed relationship or the struggle in our families,jobs and life in general can be a motivation. Our motivation can also be the positive things in our life that keeps us on our toes, pushing us forward, they can be the positive actions of people we admire,our zeal to keep the people in our life happy and the need to remain where we are or get better…
Negative or positive, there is a force that keeps us going but it depends on the interpretation we give to them, sometimes in misconception we view those things as frustrations and discouragement when they can be what could ignite the fire in us and stir us to the destination we desire and where God want us to be.
So at this point I want to ask you,what is your motivation in life? ,what is the force that keeps you going? reflect in your life and point out those things that cold seem a motivation those things you have viewed as obstacles or discouragement and begin to see things,people and circumstances in your life differently.

A life worth living.

You can’t create a thing without a purpose or reason, so whoever placed you on this earth has a reason, so ask yourself this important question that can change your life today”why was I created?”

The greatest quest everyone have is toward self realisation,discovering your purpose is going half way towards self realisation because without purpose life would be meaningless,ambiguous and not worth living. A man who realises purpose finds everyday of his life interesting, the only reason u keep jumping from one place to another, trying random things at random time is because you have not found your purpose,finding purpose gives direction and discipline.

When you discover purpose and key into it you become fulfilled and have a reason to live and fight, purpose gives you a healthy self-esteem and positive attitude. You won’t get angry at people anyhow or envy them,purposes gives us a direction on how we should live our life and the people that should be in it,aligning to our purpose in God makes us unbreakable.

So how do you discover your purpose?

1.Revelation from God through dreams and vision.

2.your passion is a pointer to your purpose.

3.your gift is also a pointer.

4.your pain is a pointer to your purpose too etc.

The problem now is many gifted people have a problem of mindset,everyone has gift and purpose but our mindset limit us(myopic mindset).we have to understand that in pursuing our purpose,we would be confronted by challenges but we must key into it to being determined to the end, because nothing worthwhile comes without a struggle.

In conclusion even as this year ends I want us to enter next year asking ourselves this “what problem was I created to solve ?”,not just next year but everyday of our life,we should ask ourselves this question,because your purpose solves a problem and you were created to solve a problem. People who made impact solved problems, Bill gates,Aliko Dangote,west Charsley,Nelson Mandela,Mark Zugaberg and so on…but I want you to make a commitment and a resolution today to be a solution to a problem,think about what you can do to solve a problem too,especially that problem you were created to solve.



Happy new year in advance.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Everyone is afraid of something and unfortunately what you are scared of is a master over you,it makes you feel timid and limit you,it serve as a wall in your life shielding you from what await you at the other end, so what are you afraid of ?.

Generally there is this thing called the fear of the unknown because what you know,you have control over it, I won’t go into listing what people are afraid of but you know what fear is it you are struggling with.

As a result of fear some have judge the outcome of things before they even tried it, some of us have remained in that box because we are afraid of what is outside,the greatest enemy we have is not the one outside but the one within, the voice in our head causing us doubt,telling us how we are not good enough or worthy of love or worthy enough, the voice in our heads constantly telling us we will never make it,that voice telling us if others didn’t,we won’t. when there is no enemy within then there is no enemy outside that can defeat you because you are what you say you are,people don’t have a say in your life until you permit them and you have not failed until you tag not getting what you wanted at that time a failure.If we learn to understand that we must face obstacles,failure,criticism and trials at one point or the other in our life then we will live better life preparing to face at each point this obstacles because if you are afraid of challenges,criticisms and obstacles then just know that you won’t live and grow because opportunities come with obstacles,there are things you won’t discover until you try them and sometimes try them over and over again.

The mistake we make most times is thinking that we don’t need to upset anyone or expect everyone to accept us or what we are doing but the truth is when you have a dream people won’t agree with you,sometimes people won’t even believe in you until the see the result so work towards that and in doing that you must get ready to piss people up. John Maxwell said”if you are not making mistakes then you are not risking enough,no one is asking you to be perfect but just try,mistake are meant to build and teach you,You don’t have to let this fear limit you from your goals instead use it as a reason to become more careful.

The only thing limiting you from your life biggest dream success is fear, don’t be scared to let the light in you out,let me ask you this, is it not better to try a thing than not try at all? some of us have become insignificant because we scared of trying new things. if you don’t face your fears you would never know what stuff you are made up of. The bottom line is, fear is internal,make a daily commitment on working on yourself,believing in yourself,empowering yourself and challenging those voices in your head telling you can’t do this or that, set your life up to win and be fearless about winning or loosing,have the courage to try things and the courage to never back down when you ain’t getting it.

The Incident (my personal experience).

I remember when this incident happened, I think its time I share my little experience. Read you may get something…
I remember that evening when I heard my WAEC result was out, I was so optimistic because I was cocksure it was going to be awesome. I remember the disappointment that was registered on my face when I checked my result with my mum,it turned out to be opposite of what I expected, Our result hadsome howwithheld by the Examination board for reasons not clear to me.

I was so young and naive, I feared failure because my dad hated failure wholesomely and I had to do everything to avoid it but here was I, My dad of course was so disappointed and made it clear with his words and attitude as if I was WAEC board lol but I didn’t blame him because you can imagine what our parent go through and sacrifice just to make sure we are what we are.

If you are writing that exam,you better register physics,chemistry, Biology…”it was so obvious where he was heading to but that was not what I wanted…

I remember how I will always cry and beg God to perform a miracle for me, I applied law in Nasarawa state University (I had a passion for law since when I was a child). Things got soar when I walked up to my dad and told him I wanted to write External WAEC…”If you are writing that exam,you better register physics,chemistry, Biology…”it was so obvious where he was heading to but that was not what I wanted, I recall i insisted it was law I wanted or I won’t go to the school(that’s passion), hmmmmmm! you can imagine telling your dad that and how his reaction would be, I remember crying begging my mum to talk to him and how I will always pray and trust God despite how bleak the situation was, I know it may seem nothing to others but that was a problem to young me who had her passion and Strong will.

Few months later admission list was out and yet no result and no external WAEC and to the glory of God I was offered admission to study law, I was so excited but yet so scared because my NECO was something I won’t be optimistic about because I didn’t put much effort and seriousness in it.
I remember that morning my dad informed me our NECO result was out (chuckle) it wasn’t good news to me at all but in the evening I managed to put myself together and go check it. I remember how loud my heart beat,that even the cafe guy could hear it(chuckle), then I saw him fill in my examination number, scratch card number and submitted it, I swallowed an invisible lump, suddenly there was my name and result displayed on his screen, I cleared all my papers. you would think that was all but there was more to it…

It’s embarrassing but let me continue, I know I was stupid and foolish somehow(smile). I remember the evening I typed those words in my phone so exhausted of everything as I thought and I remember my guardian’s reaction after reading my message.

“good evening sir,thanks for everything you have done for me and the stress you have gone through but I don’t think I would pursue this law degree anymore…”

Hmmmmmm! you can imagine me wanting to forfeit this degree I had so much passion for, I wrote those words as if it was my choice to give up, It wasn’t actually a choice but that was the only option left.

Weeks into September my dad had given me money to open an account in Diamond Bank, not just any money,that was my registration fee into the university. As I said earlier I was young and naive, like seriously I was, I remember how I could spend two weeks without going out to anywhere not even to the market, bank, like no where, my book was my companion(sha that’s not an excuse). My dad insisted that I started doing things for myself, trust me I did things for my self when i went there without the necessary requirement and had to come back home severally but on the last time(sigh)I came back home without a bank account, no money and no phone,I had falling victim to fraud(419), they played with my emotions and before I could understand what happened, I had dashed them the whole money and was trying to understand what transpired, just imagine what my dad’s reaction would be. He said everything he could and told me every piece of his mind,I sat that day not being able to shed a tear, I was like a zombie just trying to understand the occurrence in my world. My mum was of no help at first, she just yelled at me leaving me helpless and so scared but at some point she put herself together, I remember that evening despite everything I went to my room and started folding my cloth for school despite my dad’s threat that school was over for me(that was Faith). Everyday in the house was so bitter and exhausting for me hearing my fathers soar words harass my ears but you wouldn’t blame him, he worked so hard to gain that money and I just dashed it into the air out of my stupidity, his reaction only makes him human. That guardian I mentioned earlier held me by the hand that cold evening, I was shivering inside, it was as if the demons in my village were let loose in my world,”Faith you need to be strong you hear?” I remember nodding my feeble head in affirmative…all those while I felt so useless, stupid and hated myself for not being able to do anything rightly, I was far from being good and intelligent as people say, I felt dull and senseless, I wanted to be like my friends who had no problems at all. I kept praying to God for a miracle at least that was all I could do.

The climax of it was after my dad had to sought out money afresh to give me. My parent handed me over to the man I called my guardian because he was a student in my school, I was given all my credentials to hold in my hand and I slid it beside my chair,OK you will think I had learnt my lessons right?I have always hated travelling so I slept all through. When we got to keffi as the car came to a stop,we dispatched our luggage and headed to the lectures house I was going to live at until I got a house. As I lay on my new bed in the lecturer’s house,I had a flash across my mind as the new reality dawned on me,I forgot my credentials at that corner in the car,”Just imagine me I never learn you know”. I knew things were not right and everything was a mystery to me and I was tired of making people have head aches and stress themselves because of me. My head was blank for about 30 minutes I couldn’t think neither breath and all that flashed across my mind was my Father and how he will react,maybe he will just have to kill me this time and my mum, she has had enough of my issues. May be school this year wasn’t meant for me, it’s so glaring to me, it was with this thought I typed that message into my phone, the message I typed to that guardian of mine about me giving up on the law degree, now you see why it wasn’t an option for me but a necessity that I had to give up….To cut the long story short that man didn’t give up on me when I gave up on myself he called me immediately after he saw the message meanwhile the sky was already dark,
I remember him calling me and telling me those three words again”Faith be strong “that man didn’t sleep that night, unfortunately we didn’t board the car that brought us to keffi in a park.

He called my mum the next day and told her, mum was also strong, she didn’t mention it to dad but just went on her own to start reprocessing the credentials she could get (hmmmmmm mothers, they never give up you know).you could imagine how I felt, knowing I was left with nothing and nothing so I began to pray asking God for a Miracle, With the help of my guardian who gave me some Bible verse to read and encouraged me to start with the registration process. On the second day in the afternoon, I received a call from a man who identified himself as a driver” you left your credentials in my car,you were lucky I saw your number among your credentials “,yes!! I remember, I remember wanting to give someone my number and something happened I didn’t give him the No and that was how I put the number in my credentials.

Let me stop here,it’s not as if since then things have being smooth sailing always but I have learnt that no matter how dark the cloud is does not mean the sun won’t shine again, no matter what happens this three words still ring in my head” faith be strong”, it’s being five years since I prayed this prayer but I want you to know that God answers prayers even today. keep this in mind that no one is perfect or a saint or brilliant and everyone have their strength, weakness and failures but they have just being able to maximize their strength and manage their weakness. Everyone have problems but they have leant to move on no matter what happens and giving up is never an option for them. So you don’t need to be like anyone, accept yourself and love yourself, don’t give up on yourself and makeup your mind to grow everyday, my dear keep fighting those voice in your head screaming you are not good enough or you have to be like another person or your problems are special and extreme, so whatever you might be going through now I will just leave you with this words “… be strong”.
Remain positive and purpose driven.


They say love is beautiful, charming and adorable but to Richey love is like a black magic casted on her. The young seemingly fleshy,fair lady on tattered cloth sat,renting her body to the cemented surface littered with flies attracted by the rain that fell that day,her eyes were red and swollen as if they had encountered pepper from repeated sessions of bathing her chin with the rivers vomited by the socket above her nose,after a while,she stood up walking to and fro with her hands on her head and wailing,she had Carter flowing from her nose complementing the tears that find solace on her chin,i, mum,other tenants and the man and woman that brought her home were watching, we all watched in pity,wishing we could help her but the young lady was far from needing our help.”Arinze!,where are you?,A–rin–ze I love you”I watch her collapse to the ground in tears,crying, “please am sorry,come back Arinze”she added hitting the ground as if to break it. This Arinze,I said to my self,this guy that has led her to this condition,this guy that has abounded her and left her like this,she didn’t even still hate him a bit,she still call him love and begged he comes,” this is not love,this is madness,love is a spell”I buzzed in disbelieve,this pretty girl was now looking like a zombie,before we knew she was throwing her wide short legs to the gate to look for her lover obviously,that was when people began to beg and restrain her but she showered us with insult and insane talk,she was drunk,yes bastardly drunk and acting stupid, all for love,”what stupid love?” I yelled,this is madness and this young lady was obviously insane.

“Daddy,honey,love…”she would always call the guy who look from all indication,very young in age and a flirt.Jane offered him her heart,her body,her salary because he was sure a broke ass and she thought he would take her to the alter. she always announced to everyone that he was her husband and they where going to get married next month,next month that never comes.I remember how many times she would get drunk and make a whole lot of trouble but even in drunkenness she recognizes him, Arinze!,he was her master and she was more of a slave to his love than his partner, because this love was not beautiful, it was unfair, partial and not good for you,even for me,because I remember how many times he will beat her in the room and press her neck as if to deprive her of life but yet she would still go after him,maybe begging him to beat her the more, she preferred to be with him in pain than to be without him,she was so in love with him,may be let’s call it dark love.

I recall that what resulted to her condition this evening is that the guy she calls a lover borrowed almost a hundred thousand from her, which she collected from her customers because she worked in the bank,he had been unable to pay her back and the customer who were impatient like a child waiting for food had reported her to the manager and now her job, even her salary was at stake. I remember the previous evening when they had argument in that respect, I watched them through my window quietly because my window was directly facing theirs and the light in the room was so Bright that it expose their figures and the thin,slim curtain,was so light that it could not cover this awful secret. I watched her yell at him and I watch how so many times he held her mouth as if prevent her from talking further, he didn’t even use the kissing method everyone use to talk about to shut her up but his hands, I was somehow terrified as I watch her struggled for air like a dying chicken but on and on he went preventing her from talking further, until she fell asleep, I watch with my heart racing because I had no clue about what he was doing,just immediately my mum interrupted and when I got back there,I placed my face on the window holding the burglary to watch ,I saw him doing something,so creepy and terrifying,he was moving around searching her things,”oh my God” I whispered lost, he whirled abruptly, so I quickly jumped on my bed my head buried in my pillow left to my imagination until this morning,wandering what love this was.

The next morning when I saw the girl who was yelling for her money, crying like a child beaten and begging this young man she called husband,lover and of all her life,I knew everything was not OK. she kept telling him he was everything she had and she would die if he left,she wasn’t even asking for the money,I listened quietly glueing my ear against my window,I didn’t know what to think because I could only imagine what was happening, I was so scared he was going to harm her may be even kill her.”what is happening here!?” My mum was Standing in front of her door,”nothing mummy,he is not doing anything to me,am just begging him”she pleaded defensively,concealing the tears on her face with her palm,what pissed me off was his response, I could read the disgust in mum’s face,”she is not hearing word,I want to teach her a lesson “I heard him say,this was the same person that is indebted to her,disgusted I wandered who was suppose to be taught a lesson, of course it was him who deserved such lesson because he didn’t respect love neither her,to cut the story short even dad at a point that day went there to warn them because he continuously heard rustles from the room and plates falling, may be he was also scared that they were going to kill themselves,I didn’t have a word to say because I was still stunned at the love that was displayed before my eyes. This Lady spent her whole day on the carpet, asking this guy not to be angry, she sat with her breast and bare thigh without even an under cover…as my mum later explained begging this guy who sat on the bed directly facing her with his legs wide open,his hands resting on them and his shoulder high like lion king or something watching Richey sitting messy like a trash with no pity or remorse and this was called love,even when my dad interfered the young lady was ready to receive all the blame like Jesus Or Mohammed,she denied that the guy was even beating her but I saw it pasted her face that she was hurt and had been crying till that afternoon but she was carried away by love,while dad threatened I watch the lover boy with wide head likened to an Amoeba’s shape,broad lips,bony chin and thin body,who shared similarity with a gorilla blamed the lady for everything,I couldn’t understand the whole thing,I watched him wear his shoes and walked towards the gate, while she raced after him with only wrapper and her breast dangling as she followed but you know the guy outsmarted her and I didn’t really know what happened but I saw her walked back barefooted cleaning the Carter that raced it way from her nose with her palm and her eyes with her wrapper, poor girl I thought but am sure she didn’t see it the way I saw it, may be she didn’t even see anything wrong with what he was doing to her because she was in love.

That was the same evening she came back drunk,after much deliberation we decided to go get her Arinze because she kept running towards the gate in the name of going to look for him,I was feed up with her and her insult but I tolerated it, wishing I could spank her with a wood or something because to me she was acting stupid. Thanks to the woman who knew where Arinze lived.when he got there, I watched the young Lady’s switch of countenance,as usual even in drunkenness she recognized him,I watch her smiled pointing at him like a psycho,”I told you,this is my husband “she said walking towards him,I and my mum startled, exchange glances,as the young man authoritatively told her to come and with no objection she did swinging her short legs stylishly and excitedly,he held her in the hand and ask her to go to the room,you would think she would object but she didn’t,she was loyal to his love, he asked her further to sit and lay on the bed and she did,she was smiling but he wasn’t,his face was straight and that irritated me the more,she did everything he wanted her to do without complain,I watched scared of what this love really was,if this is love then let it be far from me I concluded disgusted and angry. Other people watched too,my mum,other tenant,the man that picked her dead drunk from the road did too,I watch everyone dispatched one after the other until it was only I and my mum, mum just hissed and entered inside the house, I manage to sit at the verandah,imagining how comes he was the only who could calm her down,I guess he had led her to sleep. I was so scared for her,people called it love but this wasn’t love to me,it was more than that,may be a charm or something,in fact I think this lady had serious psychological issues and needed not love but therapy,she was too beautiful to be treated that way, I didn’t know what was wrong with her but all I know up till this moment is she needed help,I don’t care what anyone would say about me but I know I can’t love like this because love to me is a mutual feeling shared by both parties,it is impartial, rational,love is meant to be felt with the heart not just body and meant to bring laughter not tears,if I will love,I will love with my heart and head,I don’t know about you but I don’t want to love like this enslaved to a dark,bitter love.

A Nonfictional story…

My mother’s husband.

“Please help me” she called out with a feint hysterical voice,”I wish someone would save me “she whispered but no one heard because she was calling out only in her head, it was a cry she couldn’t cry openly,her world was dark and so was where she was. She was in a dark room under a man,not just an ordinary man but a man who was familiar,familiar in body and in blood,she was his flesh and his own blood. The masculine huge massive figure with a melanin skin,broad face and thick lips have been persistently taking her to his shattered bed,shattered of this evil act.
Once he was done,he drew up his zip,hissed and slammed the door behind him. The poor girl on tattered shirt and flay skirt White from over washing,sat with abrasion all over her her delicate slim body. From the way it appeared this was not the first time, she was well accustomed with what to do and what not to do,she began to sob quietly placing her hands on her mouth shielding her sobs from his ear’s,she wanted to put an end to what was happening, she didn’t know how to but she….He wasn’t just taking advantage of her but he always started that with beatings because she would always fold her hands around her almost flat chest,flat of immaturity ,and fold her legs so tightly but like a bull will forcefully use his horn he always went for her making sure he….”won’t you come out of that room and clean up this place”he said hostile pushing the plates,books and clothes littered in the sitting room as he sat on the sofa pressing the remote on his dried palm,”and clean up yourself ,your mum is coming back this evening “he added”.kemi Laraba was the young girl’s name, she just wiped the tears that streamed it way down her chin as she made her way to the sitting room then to the kitchen room. When she came back the second time, he held her hand and placed her on his thighs and began to beg her,threatening her in disguise,he said he loved her and was just showing her how much he does, he also said he wasn’t going to pay her school fee if she told her mum,she just listened,nodding her head in affirmation,unfortunately this time she was determined to let it out,I mean she had decided to let her Mom know and wasn’t concerned what the outcome would be.

When the sun had gone to rest,her mum arrived with her luggage , bread and cloth she had brought from the trip to a Bankers workshop at Ekiti state.” Kemi you are always looking sobber”her mum said as kemi came to welcome her,kemi who was always gloomy,quite and as a result isolated just murmured greetings to her mum as she reach out for the luggage.”come back? “Her mum called, as she bent to closely examine the bruises and abrasion on the young girl’s delicate skin like tribal marks,” who did this to you,who beat you?”she asked immediately, “da–ddy” Kemi murmured,” you are always very stubborn, I told you to always respect him mtcheeew!”her mum hissed as she walked to the sitting room where her father was sitting and the exchanged pleasantries. That was not the first time her mum had altered such comment,the young girl stood there,dumb founded, broken and disappointed letting the tears from her eyes pod wet her chin,nobody seem to know what was happening to her,there was no one she could cry to,except her pillow who received her tears without protest,she sobbed more quietly wishing someone would hear her quite whispers of agony and calls for help as she finally took the stuffs to her mum’s room.
Later that evening, she decided to sit with her mum and let things out for the first time after much hesitation,”what is the problem” her mum asked busy on the computer before her,trying to type her report I guess,”I want to talk to you”she stammered, chewing her nails at the same time rolling her hair,”go on am listening “her mum said carelessly,with her eyes still fixed on the laptop and book consecutively . Kemi stood there for a while not sure of what to do,it was obvious her mum was not ready to give her the attention she required,so she decided to leave when her mum called out,” come back, you said you had something to tell me”,”yes” kemi answered disappointed,”then am listening her mum said and focused on the laptop,”mu—–m–my Dad–dy is tou–ching me” she said dragging every word faintly expecting a reaction,but her mum who did not even lift her head from what she was doing just bursted into laughter”kemi I think you should go to your room and sleep”she said still laughing, “oh God!,he is your father so you should expect him to touch you okay?” She added laughing still focused on the computer. The little girl who stood,was left confused and disappointed, she tried to move her lips but it was so heavy and her eyes heavy in tears, she just ran to her bed slamming the door behind her and sobbed more bitterly. “Don’t be naughty kemi, make sure you sleep”, the mum called out. Kemi just kept sobbing,”mum does not even care”she said almost aloud as she folded her leg’s one sided placing her head on the blue pale wall in her room. She was tired of the whole thing,she sobbed bitterly burying her head on the pillow on her folded leg. Going to bed with her dad was a secret she was going to keep all her life,she couldn’t venture to discuss this with her friends,who always talked about how their daddies buy them so many gifts, still carry them on their back round the house without forcing them to his bed…”oh lord,why?”she cried quietly,with her head still stuck to the pillow emotionally disrupted.

“Children ba!,can you believe Kemi met me just to say you were touching her”,Mrs laraba the woman who brought kemi to this sinful world, told her husband the next day laughing “it wasn’t funny to him at first,his heart was racing fast as a power bike would,” if you don’t touch her who will,I mean you are her father for Christ sake”she concluded still laughing. Mr laraba was not finding it funny, he just bit his lips anticipating what to do to….kemi who was still on bed was shivering literally,not only did her mum not care but she had succeeded in putting the fish in the cat cage.

Kemi was alone in a world filled with people,her Father had continued his evil act but the new development was she no longer resist yet she was crumbled, yes it continued like this until….kemi finally got admitted to a day secondary school because that was what her father wanted,her isolated life sent people away from her,but Mr Ike was drawn to her by that,he began talking to her and asking questions,kemi was happy,at last someone cares she thought filled with Joy, and she vomitted everything.”wow!”Mr Ike was speechless, may be speechless to his whiled evil thought,unfortunately for her she met another beast that lived in a human form. Mr Ike pretended to be sobber about the whole thing for a while,Kemi was so excited, at least she had someone she could confined in, someone who would not tell her father, someone better than…”,so she even started following him to his house after school before she goes home, until that unforgettable day,that has buried itself in her life. kemi as usual followed Mr I.K she would always call him home,when the got there,kemi at first did not understand his moves that day,when she finally did ,she was already cut up in the trap. That was how he forced himself on the young girl.

kemi’s life ended afresh that day,there was nobody to cry to,this was another secret she had to keep,kemi stopped going to school but her dad forced her to…until Ike’s result was pasted on her,did I say Ike’s result may be it was even her father’s, every day of her life was a day in hell,as a young child, she didn’t know what was happening to her body until a neighbor called her mother’s attention and that was it,the young girl passed through brimstone and fire, she didn’t know who she was going to mention but she knew her education was over if she mentioned her father so she mentioned her school teacher who denied and mentioned her father,confused she sobbed that day,her mum disappointed sobbed to her face,kemi hated her mum for that,she hated her for pushing every blame on her while it was her who….”Abortion is the only option” her mum cried,this was a shame she was not going to bear”I can’t watch her carry this child”her mum said to that their neighbour,she was her mum so kemi had to do it but her life would never be the same again,she was just like a zombie having to pass through all this trauma at this young age.

Let’s say No!!!! to child MOLESTATION And Abuse.Let’s say No!!!! to INCEST.

Take the Risk!

Life is all about risk taking.The truth is whether you act or not,risk is involved,you take the risk doing a thing and take a risk not doing that thing.

Each day we travel by road… near and far, having no hope of our return but we still take the risk anyway,knowing in our heart that some people did not have to travel that far before they found themselves in their early graves.Even if we say we are not going out,we take the risk of not being exposed to our world, forgetting that some did not need to go out before their lives ended.

Every night we go to bed,not knowing whether we would wake up, but we still take the necessary risk anyway,even if we refuse to sleep, we risk not dreaming.

We left our comfortable homes and family to be in school or work, not sure of meeting them intact when we go back but we took the necessary risk, knowing that things would be worst if we don’t.

We hope and believe in God even though we have not seen him,we again took the necessary risk, because you can imagine how empty and uninteresting life would be if there was no believe of an existing supernatural being.

knowing that we will all die someday, we take the risk of working hard to be successful, if we don’t take the risk, we would die without impact but if we did, even though we are dead we would still have our footprints to be remembered.

Life is full of opportunities but the road leading to such opportunities have so many potholes,whether you will use these opportunities is determined by your abilities to cross holes i.e for you to use opportunity or make impact, you must take the risk. Show me a man that hates taking risk and I would show you an ordinary,stagnant,wasteful and unproductive man.

The man who invented the airplane took the risk of flying it, even though he did not know whether or not it would work and today we are enjoying his efforts and the reward of his risk.

Every one is creative but the difference is some people take the risk of exploiting theirs while others left theirs dormant and died without positive impact. No wander Ley Brown said “ The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream”.

The greatest fear one should have is not about death but about what you would be remembered for. Always ask yourself, “What am I going to Leave Behind?”. The likes of Socrates, Alexander the great,sophrate,Plato,Karl Max and Abraham Lincoln died several years ago but their works make them alive in our heart,they are remembered because they took risks trying new things ,even though they were not always successful,some of their theories failed woefully but they didn’t give up, they saw it as a room for improvement. “if I could just press on ,who knows I might eventually get it” they said. They were determined.

Most great and successful people are not perfect,they didn’t get it at once,failure is part of their story. Abraham Lincoln tried so many times in different endeavours but failed, but on the last one,he became President of America, Another of such is our President his Excellency Mohamadu Buhari .Yet some of us have not even tried even once. Just imagine, if they had giving up,but non of this people did, they kept on believing in themselves even when they failed. Note: In every challenge you face there is an opportunity so take the risk,yes!change your problem into possible opportunities. Just look above your present obstacle,”who knows whether you will get it if you try just once more”.why not take the risk you are contemplating and be creative,you might not get it right at first but trust me if you are positive,patient and persistent at the end you will.