This is a Motivational and reality blog; We realize that there are times when each one of us at some point feel down and lacks energy to press on, this blog has contents with the aim of motivating its readers to see reasons to look forward and move forward towards achieving their goals, purpose and live a more fulfilling life. Content on insights are also featured in this blog to assist its readers look at life in a more critical and positive dimension. This Blog also publishes content on realities of life, the every day occurrence around the world and the writers thoughts about them, with aim of upholding or changing such narratives.

**The primary purpose of this Blog is to ensurer a better and more productive world**


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Note: This Blog invites writers from time to time to write on topics that relates to the Blog, If you are interested Email me ( However this Blog writes base on Writer’s opinion and research and does not compel readers to use its recipes to life

What does an IMUN entail?

Life-changing experiences ✅Solving global problems ✅International outlook ✅Leadership and collaboration ✅.Want more? 🤩How about free MUN training?Position paper presentation?Expert Q/A session? What else? 🤩We are gifting all IMUN joinees a Certificate of Participation. But this is no ordinary certificate. It’s recognised by the United Nations and the Australian Embassy so you can display it on…

Have you heard about the International Model United Nations conference?🤷

Let me give you a few tips:🤗International MUN brings youth together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds in its Model United Nations conferences and proceed solution to global challenges… Why Should You Attend IMUN Online Conferences ?IMUN Online Conference brings you the rigour,…


To set goals is one thing but to set worthwhile and achievable goals is another, if you must achieve your goals you must consider this five golden principles to setting proper and achievable goals: 1. Set goals that motivate you What is your motivation?  Find things that motivate you and set your goals around them.…

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