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My Law School Gist

Ehhhhhhhmmmmm lets End the year with my Law school gist🤭🤭 So let me gist you guys about one lady like that…So you never know lawyers can pray until Bar finals show up…. after resuming from the long Covid-19 break to news that exams were a month away with only 3 months of lectures and almost…


4 Minute read Food is much bigger than what is on your plate UN Deputy Secretary-General This year’s International Youth Day theme highlights the importance and need for youth participation in achieving safe and sustainable food system. The main goal of Transforming Food System seeks at balancing health and economic policies, promoting healthy diets and…


The woman whose overwhelming personalitymade me a glowing entity,her sweeping beauty like daffodilscause the quivering of mountains and hills. Tell my magnificent motherthe woman whose potentials flung Father farther. Tell her who is beyond measure beautifulbut never forgot to be fruitful. Tell the rose who lived in terrornow as emperor called conqueror. Tell her it’s…

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